Saturday, January 10, 2009

HTTPS, HTTP, and form posting.

So this is really more of a quick blog post for my own benefit of recording a solution. HTTPS and form posting.

I haven't really done a whole lot with HTTPS and I'm still sort of new to it. I was trying to do a form post cross-domain between a beta server and my computer and it wouldn't work. It would run fine locally, but not with the BETA server. The funny thing is it ran fine when I tried running it locally on the BETA server or on my development machine, but I couldn't post from my development machine to the BETA server- so it seemed like it was a cross-domain security issue.

All the POST fields would come up blank- actually they wouldn't even be set, query parameters would be fine of course.

Another fellow developer I work with pointed out I should be posting back with HTTPS. The form was posting to a HTTP address, but once it loaded it showed HTTPS. That was the only problem. I couldn't believe it- so simple! I guess I needed to be humbled.

So I still don't understand HTTPS completely, but I will definitnely be researching. My guess is that the POST didn't go through since the HTTPS server was addressed as HTTP in the original form POST and so the POST didn't go through all the SSL encryption action and hence it turned up empty on the server side... any one care to give me the technical explenation? I guess I'll find out more when I research.

- Jheatt

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