Friday, November 14, 2008

Jhott Engineering

Introduction to Jhott Engineering:

So I was thinking today after-yet again - finding another solution to a problem that took me a long time to solve... that I should really consider writing a technical blog.

Not that I am the all-knowing software designer- far from that. In many ways, I consider myself a new programmer. However, I find that many of the problems I run into many others do as well and find themselves stuck.

Realizing much of the time the credit for being able to solve problems goes to other blogs I've read, or just a whole lot of hunting, I decided I should give back and write as well.

Who am I?

To introduce myself, I'll start with a little history:

I was intrigued with computers every since I was a young boy. I was introduced into my "computer career" when I encountered an error on my dad's computer when trying to play a video game. I was 9 years old, and this was back in the Windows 95-98 days. I decided I would start browsing through the files to fix it, so I could continue playing my game. Needless to say, I never fixed the game, but it was the beginning of my interest.

By the time I was 11-12 years of age, I got my long awaited RIS. Robotics Invention Set. I had always loved Legos, but this Legominstorms set was amazing- I could build robots! And so.. I dived into that. The set came with a visual programming software, but one day when I got an expansion set and read up on challenges, I noticed they always had the "harder" challenges for those who had the "SDK". Of course, I didn't even know what an SDK was that the time, but I was determined to find out.
Before long I ran into NQC and started programming using this C-Style language. It was great.

So now I wanted to write games! So badly! I found "Game Maker" and built a few games. That kept me going for quite a while, but it was only 2D and I wanted to write 3D Games. I played with the demo version of 3DRAD [for those of you who know what that is], and eventually BLITZ3D. Using BLITZ3D and a VB-style language I learned more and more until I was writing networking applications as well, chats, file transfers, ect.

I went to Teen Mania's Honor Academy. I wanted to work in their IT department so bad! And I did... I started writing websites. Learned HTML ina couple days, a good amount of PHP in a week, and eventually the rest came.. SQL, ColdFusion [shudder], JavaScript, etc. I also did some BI using MS SQL Reporting Services.
During my second year I wrote quite a few apps, and I was doing contract work as well. I eventually started delving into .NET as well, quickly falling in love with C#.

I currently am working for good-size ministry- I started not too long ago. There's quite a bit of opportunities to improve the systems, so that's always exciting.
I also do contract work for a couple other parties, as well as still enjoy personal programming projects and robotics. (Trying to fix that old RIS set!)


I'd love to hear any comments for improvements, suggestions, etc- I love feedback. I'm here to learn and I've got a long ways to go. I'm still young and I've got my life ahead of me. I also cannot write anything about myself without mentioning that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and has been my driving force in my life since I was 16 years old.

- Jheatt.

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